How to Form a Band?

Many people would love to form a band, but they lack the idea on where to start. They come together as a group of friends, come up with a band name but within no time, they break up. Why? Because they did not follow the right steps in forming a band. Creating a band is not as easy as picking a few friends, getting the required instruments and starting to play. There are vital steps that should be followed. Here are steps to start a successful band effectively and quickly.

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Find the Right People

If you have friends who can play, then this is a great place to start. Talk to them and get to know if they’re interested in forming a band. If they’re not, you can post ads on your local music store with your contact information on them. You can also post an ad on the internet. Open stages, music clubs, and folk clubs can be great ways to meet new musicians, and possibly find other players who are looking to form a band.


The Instruments


A normal band set-up composes of a singer, a rhythm player (keyboards or guitar), a drummer and a bass player. Often, you may see more than one guitarist, or a keyboard and a guitarist combination. Stay open to all possibilities that will come your way. Choose people rather than choosing instruments and the band will create itself.


Choosing a Leader


Having a bandleader is a very important element and it should not be overlooked. If you’re the one who gathered all the people together and organized everything, then naturally you may be the leader. The leader will serve as the organizer and a motivator. Even though he won’t be making all the decisions, he will keep the group on track and focused.


Choosing The Style of Music and a Band Name


Choosing the songs you’ll be playing is also a vital consideration. If you don’t like the style of songs, then you won’t be able to play them with sincerity and conviction. Ask the band members for suggestions and together, you will decide the types of songs you will be playing. Remember, your chosen style of music will represent your group. Also, your band should have a name. Let everyone give suggestions and go with one that is comfortable with everyone. Try the name for a while and you’ll see how it feels.


Working as a Group


In a band, loyalty is very important. Ensure that you talk positively about each other and don’t discuss a member’s weakness negatively. If you’re frustrated with a certain member, encourage them and focus on how you can inspire them to improve. Support and encourage each other and together, you will succeed.


Hopefully, you have now understood the basics of forming a band. Forming a band and playing together is fun, but it also requires lots of effort and hard work. Therefore, put in your best efforts, hard work and have fun.